Krupa and Kartik's Wedding at Radha Madhav Dham in Austin, TX

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Elena and I were so excited about Krupa and Kartik's wedding!  We had been talking about it for weeks.  We had such an awesome time with Krupa and Kartik during their engagement session and knew that their wedding would be so interesting and exciting.  What we love most about Krupa and Kartik (and we saw this from the very first time we met them) is how sweet and kind they are to each other.  Every little look.  Every little smile.  They are just so cute!!!  Part of our goal is to capture the emotion of the day and to document the relationship of the bride and groom.  Krupa and Kartik made our job so easy!


This was our first ceremony at the Hindu temple Radha Madhav Dham.  The entire day was so interesting and such a change from what we normally experience at weddings.  From the moment we arrived until we left at the end of the day, everybody was so, so nice to us.  I don't think we've ever spent a day with a nicer group of people.  Everyone was so happy and accommodating.  I couldn't count how many times someone asked us if we were enjoying ourselves!!!  It was like the primary goal of Krupa and Kartik's friends and family was to make sure that Elena and I had a great time! worries there.  Everyone was just so kind and joyful...we couldn't help but enjoy ourselves!


It wasn't just Krupa and Kartik's guests that made us feel welcome.  The couple never failed to ask us how we were doing and if we needed anything.  They fed us...twice!  Krupa and Kartik were so sweet the entire day.


There ceremony contained so many interesting elements.  The day started with Kartik in one room and Krupa in another.  Then the ceremony continued outside.  We made our way back inside and Krupa and Kartik were then together with their parents and the priests.  There was constant movement, constant change, different people involved in different aspects of the ceremony.  At some points in the ceremony, guests sat down and watched.  At other times, everyone crowded around the bride and groom with their telephones and cameras taking pictures.  At the end of the ceremony, we spent some time taking family pictures.  It was so neat to see how excited everyone was to get a picture with the newlyweds.


Krupa and Kartik, we are so thankful that we got to be a part of your wedding celebration!  You both are such kind and thoughtful people and Elena and I are so appreciative of your willingness to let us experience your day with you.  We wish you many years of love and happiness together!





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