Smith Photography | Alicia and Mark's Wedding at King River Ranch in Johnson City, TX

Alicia and Mark's Wedding at King River Ranch in Johnson City, TX

May 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Heading out to Johnson City the morning of Alicia and Mark’s wedding, we had a feeling that everything about this day was going to be perfect.  The mid-day wedding was a welcome change of pace.  During our drive from Austin, we enjoyed some of the best views in Hill Country.  However, the serene beauty of King River Ranch was easily the best view of all. When we arrived, we finally had the pleasure of meeting Alicia and Mark in person for the first time. Alicia was looking adorable as can be in her bride’s robe with perfect hair and makeup.  And Mark was easily the most relaxed groom I’ve ever seen on his wedding day, already dressed and watching cartoons with their three little girls in the groom’s suite.  Within a moment of arriving, we could tell that their special day was all about family.


When the couple finished getting ready, we headed outside with Mark for their first look.  A few moments later, Alicia emerged from the Bridal Suite looking absolutely stunning.  As she walked towards Mark, Julia and I quietly backed away to allow the bride and groom a proper moment alone.  We can’t remember the last time we captured such a beautiful first look.  It was honestly impossible to take a bad photo of this great looking couple!


King River Ranch has one of the most spectacular ceremony sites you could ever hope to see, nestled low in a valley surrounded by rolling green hills.  Wedding photographers are all business during the ceremony, focused on our responsibility to capture every moment to the fullest.  But every once in a while, we have the privilege of capturing a wedding so special that we have to stop for a second to be fully present in the powerful moment before us.  Alicia and Mark’s wedding was truly one of those occasions.


John and Julia


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