Emily and Denny's Wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, TX

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We love Emily and Denny and loved their wedding!!!  They are such a sweet couple.  From the very first moment we arrived, they went out of their way to be kind and fun and helpful...and cute!  Their wedding was just perfect from beginning to end.  One of the things that we liked most about Emily and Denny's wedding was their friends and family.  Everybody was so friendly and positive.  It was such an awesome environment.  As the saying goes, "You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps."  Well, if that's true, Elena and I were even more impressed with Emily and Denny because their friends and family were all awesome people, too!


This was our first trip to Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin.  What a great venue!!!  The area around the big reception hall was beautiful.  There were pecan trees everywhere (no surprise there).  Right next to the reception hall was a little house that served as the bride's cottage.  Everything was tastefully and professionally done.  We were really, really impressed with Pecan Springs Ranch!  When we arrived, Denny and the groomsmen were busy putting the finishing touches on the venue.  It was so cool to see the team working together to make things look great.  Once all the work was done, Denny and the guys got dressed.  At the same time, Emily arrived and started getting dressed with her bridesmaids.  I was with Denny and the guys and Elena was with Emily and the girls.  After the wedding we talked about our day and were so pleased to find out that we saw the same thing with the guys and the girls: all of Emily and Denny's friends did anything they could to help the bride and groom.  Their friends put themselves second and really focused on making Emily and Denny's day as great and easy as possible.  It was so refreshing to see people truly put others first!


The ceremony site at Pecan Springs Ranch was beautiful.  Emily and Denny's ceremony was awesome.  We love ceremonies where the bride and groom take communion together.  Towards the end of their ceremony, Emily and Denny moved over to a small table for communion.  After communion, they both got on their knees to pray.  What a great way to start a marriage.  I was able to get a picture of Emily and Denny on their knees praying with their wedding party looking on.  It is one of the most powerful pictures I've ever taken!  As soon as I saw it on my camera, my eyes got a little watery.  Emily and Denny left their ceremony through a cloud of bubbles.  It was awesome!


Family pictures went quickly and, before the sun went down, we were able to get pictures of Emily and Denny.  They are just about as cute as can be.  Their relationship with each other is so natural and relaxed and peaceful.  It was beautiful!  


Elena and I had no idea how much we were going to enjoy Emily and Denny's reception.  There were so many people!  The atmosphere in the hall was loud and lively and fun...just what a wedding should be.  One of our favorite parts of the evening was the toasts.  It was so awesome to hear all the great and touching stories about Emily and Denny.  We laughed so hard during some of the toasts.  The stories told just reinforced what we had already seen...Emily and Denny are two wonderfully caring and thoughtful people.  Once the dancing started, Tim with Austin Classic DJ played one hit after another.  The floor was packed all night!  


Emily and Denny, thank you both so much for sharing you special day with us.  Your wedding was one of our favorites ever!  We wish you both many, many years of fun, love, and happiness together!

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