Shanon and Robert's Wedding at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, TX

June 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

We have the opportunity to meet the majority of our clients before their wedding day.  Even if it's just a one time wedding consultation at our home, we love having just a bit of time to get to know the couples we are going to be spending an entire day with.  We have found that everyone feels more comfortable on the day of the wedding when we've met.  But, sometimes logistics just don't allow such a meeting.  This was the case with Shanon and Robert.  They were planning their San Antonio wedding from...well, somewhere other than San Antonio and we never had a chance to meet.  So, when Elena and I arrived at the La Cantera Resort on the day of their wedding, we didn't quite know what to expect.  We very quickly figured out that we were in for a wonderful night with two of the nicest people we have met.  Shanon and Robert were so welcoming and so easy to work with.  We loved spending their wedding day with them.


The unpredictable weather led Shanon and Robert to go with an inside ceremony.  After the ceremony, we took just a few family pictures and then were able to go outside with the wedding party.  The weather was no longer unpredictable.  It was HOT and MUGGY!  Everyone was such good sports.  The stayed outside as long as we needed to get the pictures we wanted (of course, I was working as fast as possible because I was sweating like crazy, too).  Once we finished up with the wedding party, we spent a few more minutes exploring the area around La Cantera taking pictures of Shanon and Robert.  


Before completely melting, we finished up with pictures and made our way inside for dinner and the reception.  Shanon and Robert's wedding had, without a doubt, the best speech ever given by a best man.  He talked about his relationship with Robert and how happy he was for the new couple.  Then at the end of his speech, he pulled out and envelope and said that Shanon and Robert wanted him to make an announcement.  He removed a strip of paper from the envelope and turned it towards the audience.  On the paper was a series of sonogram pictures.  There was an audible gasp from the audience and some utterances of disbelief.  It took a second for it to sink in with Shanon and Robert what had just happened.  And, as soon as they figured it out, they immediately began denying the story.  Robert's best man couldn't contain himself.  He started laughing and confessed that the pictures were his wife's sonogram pictures.  It was so funny that I had trouble remembering to take pictures!  Everyone got a good laugh out of it.


Later in the evening, we asked Shanon and Robert if they would like to get some sunset pictures.  They quickly agreed.  Not having shot at La Cantera Resort before, we weren't quite sure where to go.  The staff and La Cantera were so, so helpful!  I asked them if they knew of a place with a good view of the sunset.  They thought about it for a few minutes.  Then they said that they knew just the spot.  Elena and I got on a golf cart with Shanon and Robert and the La Cantera staff began driving.  And they drove...and drove...and drove.   We were beginning to wonder where they were taking us.  But, when we finally got to our final location, the view was breathtaking!  It was just unbelieveable.  We were so thankful for their help and love, love, love Shanon and Robert's pictures.


Shanon and Robert, thank you so much for being who you are...kind, welcoming, and fun people.  We had such a great time with you and your friends and family.  We wish you both many, many years of happiness!


What a beautiful day! Many blessing to Shannon & Rob.
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