Meg and Andrew's Wedding at Tenroc Ranch in Salado, TX

November 14, 2015

We love weddings at Tenroc Ranch in Salado!  We love it even more when we get to work with a couple like Meg and Andrew.  They were so nice all day.  No fuss, no stress...even when there was reason to stress.  Meg and Andrew just did their best to enjoy their big day and their attitudes made it great fun for everyone else, too!


Before the ceremony, we were able to take pictures of Andrew and his groomsmen as well as Meg and her bridesmaids.  Tenroc is such a beautiful venue.  There isn't a bad place to take a picture.  And, there ceremony site was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  There was a very impressive rock wall that made an awesome backdrop for the wedding ceremony.  We decided to use that as the backdrop for wedding party pictures, too.  We took the guys pictures first and then sent them inside so Andrew wouldn't see Meg before the wedding.  We then brought all of the girls down to the ceremony site for their pictures.  Once we finished with the bridesmaids' pictures, we spent just a few minutes taking pictures of Meg by herself.  Her pictures are so beautiful!  By the time we finished pictures, some of the guests had started to arrive.  Meg didn't want anyone to see her before the ceremony, so her bridesmaids sprang into action.  They built a wall all the way around Meg with towels and blankets so she could walk from the ceremony site back to the bridal suite.  It was really cute!


Meg and Andrew's ceremony was beautiful.  There was just one little problem.  About half way through the ceremony, it started to rain.  And, the rain got harder and harder!  Luckily, the ceremony ended in time for Meg and Andrew to go from the ceremony site back to the reception hall without being completely soaked.  We spent the few minutes taking pictures of family.  After family pictures, we spent a few minutes with Meg and Andrew taking pictures of the two of them together.  Once all of that was done, everyone was ready for the party to start!


Meg and Andrew's reception was awesome!  There were so many great toasts.  Meg and Andrew's friends and family spoke openly and honestly about their love for the newlyweds.  It was my favorite moment of the wedding!  Once the dance floor was opened up, it was full all night.  Towards the end of the night, everyone got a special treat!  There were hundreds of homemade cookies in the foyer of the reception hall for guests to take.  Meg had worked hours upon hours to bake all of the cookies.  And, they were so, so good!  I might have lied when I said the toasts was my favorite moment of the evening.  That first snickerdoodle I had might have been my favorite moment.  :-)  It was perfect!  Our photo booth was also at the wedding and friends and family enjoyed acting silly for the camera.  The photo booth was a huge hit!


Meg and Andrew, thank you so much for letting us spend a wonderful evening with you.  Thank you for shrugging of some soggy conditions and having such great attitudes!  Working with you was a joy!  We wish you many years of happiness together!

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