One Day, Two Seniors, Tons of Great Pictures!

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Kacie and Bailey wrote to us several months ago asking for senior pictures.  And, of course, we were more than happy to say yes...even if we did have to drive 360 miles to get to them!  These two shoots were definitely worth the travel.  These two young ladies make the third and fourth seniors sessions we have done in Spur, Texas and we have been impressed with every girl.  Just like their friends before them, Kacie and Bailey showed up ready to go.  They looked great.  They had clothes ready.  Their makeup was perfect.  They had locations in mind for their pictures.  Really, they did most of the work for us.  

Kacie's shoot was in the morning and we started the way any really good shoot should a field full of LONGHORNS!!!!  It was awesome to shoot Kacie with the longhorns.  I wasn't sure they would be very interested in what we were doing because there was feed laying on the ground.  But, they turned out to be rather photogenic.  The only challenge was making sure the right end of the cow was showing in the picture!

After the longhorns, we drove through the pasture for a while until we came to an old, old railroad car.  It didn't look like much, but it provided the perfect backdrop for some really awesome pictures!  Of course, Kacie made taking awesome pictures pretty easy.  With a little added light, the colors in the old car really came alive.  We took pictures outside and then slid the door open and climbing inside for some more.

We ended our shoot in downtown Spur.  And, it might surprise you to know that downtown Spur was a photographer's paradise.  There were places to shoot everywhere.  We found a few spots that we liked and worked for a bit longer.  After four hours, I'm guessing that Kacie was probably tired of us.  Elena and I had a great time!  Kacie, thank you for letting us take your senior pictures.

After lunch and a short nap (I'm a big proponent of naps), we met with Bailey for her shoot.  Again, just like Kacie, she came prepared with clothes and ideas.  Elena and I really like how all of Bailey's ideas were centered around something important in her life.  We could both tell that she had spent some time thinking about her shoot and that made the experience fun for everyone!


We happened to come across these two little buildings in Dickens that had such great character that we couldn't pass them up.  One was a little house with a covered porch going around half of it.  The other was this cool little building completely covered in old Texas license plates.  Of course, Bailey made the wall look even better.  She was ready for whatever pose I asked.  Serious, smiling, mischievous, she had it covered.

We all went to Spur with Bailey in the evening and took some more pictures.  After Spur, we went out to the lake and took pictures there.  Bailey, thank you for letting us be a part of your senior year!  Elena and I really enjoyed getting to know you! 

Kacie and Bailey were both very polite, fun and beautiful young ladies.  Elena and I went home that evening (well, to my grandparents home) and just couldn't stop talking with each other about how much we enjoyed both of the photo shoots.  We couldn't wait to get home to start working on the pictures and see the finished products.  I know we might be a bit bias, but we both think the results are pretty fantastic.  Here are a few more pictures from the shoots.  Let us know what you think!






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